Lighting Design

We’ll help you get the light right, balancing natural light, energy efficiency and building design.

Internal Lighting

We make the most of natural daylight as much as possible. It’s beneficial to wellbeing – and cuts the cost of artificial lighting. We’ll propose a scheme that’s tailored to your space and any areas that you want to highlight. It will be comfortable and attractive, as well as practical. Our extensive knowledge means we can create optimum lighting no matter the building, whether an art gallery, workspace or home.

Internal lighting

Why we’re obsessed with windows

What do you want to see when you look out of the window? Getting the right amount of light into a room is essential, but the view from the window is just as important. They balance and complement one and other. Effective lighting design considers natural light, window design and the view. It also considers energy performance and buildability. We pay close attention to the windows of your project, so that you can make the most of your building, whether you are looking in or looking out.

We take into consideration how the light makes building users feel and how it would be controlled to bring happiness and wellbeing to your space. Maintaining good lighting balance helps to support vitamin D levels, particularly through the last days of winter. So what do you get by working with us? You’ll benefit from a sensitive approach to lighting that helps building users feel calm in your environment, supporting a positive mental state and a ‘happy’ building.

We’re here to help you achieve your goals

We take time to listen to you. We’ll understand what your aspirations are. We always explain the options in a non-technical way and show you how our recommendations can make a big difference to the success of your project. We develop lighting design in line with all these fundamental principles. We step back to analyse window design, glare, adjacent buildings and the view as our starting points. We balance the need to optimise natural light, energy efficiency and building design.

Our lighting schemes are not technically complex, budget prohibitive or excessive, but balanced to meet your goals while helping you on the road to Net Zero. As your lighting experts, we’re here to help you create light, airy buildings that function effectively – and that people will love.

In a nutshell

  • Advice on creating a sustainable, cost-effective and attractive lighting system
  • Expert window design that maximises the use of natural daylight

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Let’s talk

We know that great lighting is essential for every project. It can transform a building, making it feel welcoming, stylish or professional. And of course, it’s got to be sustainable too.

When you speak to our expert team, you’ll hear how we combine creative thinking with a deep knowledge of sustainability. We won’t suggest complex, budget-busting schemes, but we will offer straightforward, highly-effective recommendations to help you achieve your Net Zero goals.

Talk to us about how lighting design can impact the beauty and comfort of your project – in a sustainable way.

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