Creating a zero carbon internet

When we say sustainability is who we are, we mean it. Down to the finest detail. Like these words you’re reading. And the website you’ve been scrolling through. That’s right. All sustainable.

As with the built environment, it’s often small tweaks that can make a big difference to the amount of energy consumed. And it’s the same when creating a website.

We’ve taken great steps and care to design and develop a website that makes use of compressed images, efficient file formats, streamlined content and lightweight code. We have carefully considered the colour, typography, and motion on the site as this can all impact how much data is needed to render a web page. Things like page caching and reduced server requests also contribute significantly. Oh, and green hosting! Powering servers with renewable energy is one of the most important choices we made to reduce our website’s environmental impact.

Being Net Zero is fundamental to our core values both offline and online. We’re proud to say that our new homepage has seen a 97.5% reduction in the amount of CO2 that is produced. Over a year, we’ve calculated this to be enough electricity to drive an electric car 346 miles!

Our sustainable website journey

Viridis have been taken on this sustainable web design journey with RizkMcCayTribe.

Viridis Net Zero
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Creating a zero carbon internet

This website makes great use of compressed images, efficient file formats and lightweight fonts, avoiding bloated frameworks. It is hosted using renewable energy. Find out more