Renewable Design

A renewables assessment at the early stages of a project can identify opportunities you might not have spotted.

Solar PV

It doesn't have to be tanning weather to benefit from solar power. Come rain or shine, during the day, power is being generated. This popular renewable technology comes in discreet styles that sit within your roof or overlay panels to put on your existing roof. Either way, we can provide you with sustainable and economical options that could lead to a Net Zero outcome.


We see the big picture when it comes to renewables

We’ll consult with you to gather information as an early engagement piece. The sooner we’re involved, the more we understand and the better we can help you with your transition to Net Zero. We’ll listen to your goals and aspirations and we’ll help you get your building to a point where it’s ready for renewables. As registered energy assessors, renewables specialists and advisors, we’ll assess your energy and look at areas where efficiencies can be made before you deploy renewables.

This approach helps us to develop an overall energy reduction methodology for you, which we’ll explain in non-technical language that is easy for your whole team to understand. Our approach is always to make a cost-optimal appraisal to maximise energy reduction at a sustainable value. It’s all about finding practical, efficient and cost-effective solutions that are right for you.

If renewables are right for your project, we’ll help you get your building to a point where it’s ready to make the switch.

Energy that goes with the flow

Our assessment provides a solid foundation on which to build a road to Net Zero. This may include energy-efficient renewables or re-zoning of your building. Understanding energy flows is an important aspect of this, including energy flows through windows, walls, floors and roofs, as well as heating, lighting, hot water and the like. Our expertise can help you transform the energy efficiency of your building in a way that’s simpler and less expensive than you think.

In a nutshell

• Renewables assessment

• Advice on small changes for cost optimal results

• Recommendations on the right renewables for your project

• Advice on energy saving through re-zoning

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Let’s talk

We love surprising our clients when it comes to renewables. What may seem to be the obvious route may not be the most effective one.

Make the most of our team’s tailored expertise to find out where, how and even if you should use renewables for optimum results. Our real-world experience means we always balance top-notch environmental performance with practicality and budget.

Contact us today for a chat about renewables and how they can best be deployed on your project.

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