Energy Audits

We’ll accurately measure your building’s environmental performance and set you on the road to Net Zero.


To get to where you want to be, you need to understand where you are now. We use SAP modelling to give you an understanding of your home’s efficiency as it is and what it could achieve. Energy Audits help us to create a plan to reach and exceed your goals with small adjustments. We’ll provide an EPC rating for your home, along with our recommendations for cost-effective improvements.


Early engagement makes the difference

The sooner you engage us to assess and audit your project, the better. We’ll look at every detail of your building and listen closely to what you want to achieve. We’ll help to transition your building to a point where it’s low energy and ready for renewables. As registered energy assessors, renewables specialists and advisors, we’ll spot areas where efficiencies can be gained before you commit to any renewables. We’ll develop an overall energy-reduction methodology for you and explain it in a straightforward, no-jargon way. At Viridis we use our creative energy and knowledge to help you achieve your goal EPC rating.

Re-zoning is often the answer

You may be able to transform the energy efficiency of your project without having to make any physical building alterations. Relocating or re-assigning spaces can make a huge difference. How people live, breathe and move around in your building determines your energy flows – and adjusting this is often the low-hanging fruit that makes a build both energy and cost effective. We’ll help you fully understand how your building currently functions, as this is one of the most important starting points of a journey to Net Zero.

In a nutshell

Accurate measurement of your building’s environmental performance

Cost optimal recommendations for sustainable energy

Advice on energy efficiencies before you commit to renewables

Help to achieve your goal EPC rating

Advice on energy saving through re-zoning

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Let’s talk

Take the first step towards optimum energy efficiency by getting in touch with our expert team. We’ll take a detailed look at your project and spot where you can make improvements to efficiency and sustainability – probably where you least expect to find them. Talk to us today and let us surprise you with ways to get to Net Zero faster – and in a cost-effective way.

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