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We consider all your power options for a sustainable building that people love to live or work in.


The simplicity of your heating controls can make or break the comfort levels of your building. You’re always in control of your environment with our designs. We make sure your system is exactly as you want it; easy to turn on, off, up or down. Our breadth of knowledge and strong reputation for successful heating design mean you’re assured of simple, easy-to-use systems that are just right for you.


We put you in control

Shutting off the alarm, switching on the lights, turning up the heating, clicking on the kettle to start your day. As human beings, we all enjoy the feeling of being in control of our environment and our comfort. Electrical services such as incoming supplies, electrical circuit design, sockets, switches, spurs, alarms and controls allow us to live, work and play without too much effort.

We approach all these things with a spirit of innovation. When you engage us at an early stage, we will give you options for boosting your energy efficiency and explain them in a straightforward way – everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Making the complex simple

We take the time to explain our solutions in a non-technical way, proposing options that allow you to turn systems on or off, up or down, as you see fit. Taking a pragmatic approach to electrical services allows us to create solutions that are not overly complicated and that are simple and effective to use. So what’s the output? You’ll get a set of electrical ingredients that are cost optimal, through installation, operation and maintenance – while being sustainable and energy efficient.

Because we take a smart approach to mechanical and renewables design, we can be innovative with electrical infrastructure and services. Plug and play buildings, passive design, integrated systems… they’re all part of our toolkit. We consider electrical services not as a standalone item, but as a service that underpins how humans live and behave in buildings. Because we do this smartly, your building can be self-sufficient without reliance on the grid, either to a greater or lesser extent. Net Zero can’t be achieved without electrical services joining up the dots of all the various systems and technologies of your building. As your electrical services expert, we are here to help you make it happen.

In a nutshell

• Advice on the optimum combination of natural and electrical power sources

• A bespoke suite of electrical services designed around your goals and ambitions

• Plug and Play buildings

• Passive design

• Integrated systems

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Let’s talk

Whether you’re looking for plug and play ideas or want your building to be independent from the grid, get in touch.

From optimised energy solutions to passive design, our expertise can help you to achieve your goals. We’ll recommend the perfect mix of electrical ingredients that respect your budget and timescales.

Ask us about how electrical services can help to drive sustainability and performance for your project.

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