Standard Notes


  1. If in doubt, ask. Seek to clarify and understand at all times. If in doubt, ask.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, the current version of CDM Regulations apply to domestic & commercial projects whether a project is notifiable or not. CDM means Construction (design and management) Regulation. All parties involved in this project should make themselves aware of their duties under the current version of CDM.
  3. This drawing shall be read in conjunction with all and any design team drawings/ Information and Viridis Building Services Ltd drawings, together with the VBSL specification.
  4. All information and layouts detailed on this drawing are subject to site dimension checks.
  5. All dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise stated. Do not scale from any VBSL drawings.
  6. All items of equipment shall be set-up, fitted, installed, set to work, commissioned and maintained as to all of any and each manufacturer’s recommendations.
  7. The content detailed herein and throughout the associated VBSL drawings and documentation represents the design intent of the proposed installations.
  8. Contractors to confirm final location & specification of all plant, equipment and items from Client, Architects, Engineers or any representative of the Clients before installation. Installed items are at risk if final location hasn't been agreed/finalized by the Client, Architect, Engineer or any representative of the Clients. If in doubt, ask.
  9. All installations and constructions must comply but not be limited to the current edition of the relevant Approved Documentation (Building Regulations A through to R, approved document 7 and Scottish Technical Standards Sections 1 to 7).
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