Our appointments, on the whole, tend to relate to construction contracts with our input initially being at the design stage. To assist you with the prompt payment or indeed the querying of our invoices we bill strictly in line with the following legislation:

  • Housing Grants, Construction & Regeneration Act 1996
  • The Scheme for Construction Contracts Regulations 1998

We are particularly pleased when any queries associated with our invoices are raised in line with the above legislation. This allows us to resolve any queries that may arise promptly and helps us manage our appointment to you in a commercially considered manner. It is important that we fulfil our obligations to you and our approach to billing ensures that we manage our account with you effectively also.

Our billing process is as follows and summarised below; not less than 7 days following our invoice we will issue a payment reminder to you, we will also issue to you, not less than 14 days following our invoice to you an advice note requesting a payment amount. Thereafter and not less than 21 days following our invoice to you, we will issue a further payment advice note; a statement will be issued in not less than 28 days following the date of our invoice to you.

It is important to note that should our invoice remain outstanding beyond 35 days from the date of our invoice to you, and particularly if our invoices have not been queried, we will issue to you a notice stating that we intend to suspend performance of our services.

We will suspend our services 7 days following the date of this notice to you unless otherwise agreed and following this notice to you.

Should our invoices remain outstanding no less than 48 days from the date of our invoice to you, please note that we pass the recovery of invoices not paid in line the legislation set out above to our debt recovery professionals.

Billing Process Summary:

Day 1 – Invoice Issued

Day 7 – Payment Reminder Issued

Courtesy Call/Payment Date Required

Day 14 – Advise Note 1 Issued

Courtesy Call/Payment Date Required

Day 21 – Advise Note 2 Issued.

Courtesy Call/Payment Date Required

Day 28 – Statement Issued.

Courtesy Call/Payment Date Required

Day 35 – Notice to Suspend Issued.

Courtesy Call/Payment Date Required.

Day 42 – Services Suspended

We are very grateful if any queries with our invoices are dealt with promptly, all to ensure that we progress with our appointment efficiently for you. Please do raise any questions or queries with our invoices upon receipt and by return thereafter

In advance of appointment, the proposal remains valid for 30 calendar days. Fees will generally be monitored on a weekly basis during our activity.

Invoices for the works will be issued on the last Friday of each month during the works.

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